9 Reasons to Take a Yoga Retreat in Thailand

retreatWhen your daily routine starts bogging you down and you begin to feel more like lingering a little longer in downward dog, you might be ready for a yoga retreat in Thailand. From an intensive practice driven getaway, to a relaxing holiday while stretching a little on the side, a yoga retreat comes in different sorts of packages. Its remarkable how a yoga retreat becomes a whole new universe. You get a chance to experience yourself differently. Any obstacles in your daily life?the anxieties, concerns, the habitual routines?get cut off.

Reasons to go for a yoga retreat in Thailand

1. You will take your yoga to a different level.

Practicing yoga regularly is a great challenge for those very busy schedules. But when you are on a yoga retreat, chances are that you will have around two classes offered daily, which enables your progress in yoga.

2. You will get a whole new perspective.

Visiting a new place gives you an opportunity to see yourself and the world, in new light. Experiencing the unknown is a fast way of growing and learning.

3. You will actually meditate.

With extended free time, it is much easier to meditate. No boss reminding you about your deadlines or cell phone buzzing. On retreats, you feel a lot more natural for you breathe deeply while being present in the moment. The first time I actually was able to meditate was on a tantra yoga retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


4. You will detox digitally.

One of the best things about yoga retreats is shutting off your technology. While most resorts have wifi, you do not feel like you need to constantly text, update Facebook, tweet or call friends. It feels great to unplug.

5. You will relax and destress.

Sometimes you have to go far from home to give yourself the permission to fully and truly relax. Being on a yoga retreat will allow you to listen more to your body, rest when you need to, and free yourself from stress.

6. You will eat well and without having done all the work.

For yoga retreats that are all inclusive, you have three delicious and healthy meals daily without having to go grocery shopping, find recipes, prepare the food, or clean up. Getting proper nutrition will never be this easier. They do all the work for you.

7. You will replace old habits.

The surest way of breaking a bad habit is replacing it with a healthy one. After getting out of your regular routine for even a week, you will be able to replace your unhealthy behaviors with conscious new habits that allow you to be your best self.

8. You will acquire new friends.

Undeniably, youll meet new individuals with the same interests as yourself. Even when you are alone, you have the chance to acquire friends from all around the world that you may end up knowing the rest of your entire life.

9. You will appreciate home.

Even a single week of a yoga retreat in Thailand (check out some offerings here: is always a nice experience, and you often go back home with a greater appreciation for life. You feel healthier, happier, and reenergized to get back into your daily routine with refreshed vigor. Heck, it may even feel fun.


What to do when a baby has bad breath

child brushingA baby is a young adult who is below the age of 18 months and under the care of his/her parents. These are the most delicate young ones who have not yet developed the power to make decisions and in most cases are guided by their parents in their doings. They need to be taken care of and their hygiene is of great concern toward ensuring good health. They are characterized by eating unnecessary stuff which come on their way. This is because they lack the ability to make a good judgment on what is edible or not. This in turn makes their mouth stuffy hence it results to them having bad breath.

The major cause when a baby has bad breath is from the manner they breathe. Most of them breathe through the mouth due to stuffy nose. However, when this happens their mouth become dehydrated. This in turn creates a conducive environment for bacteria to breed hence resulting to a bad breath. In addition, foreign objects such as tiny food particles may be logged into the mouth and gums thereby causing bad breath when they decompose if not cleaned in time. The type of food that babies consume also determines their breath. To a large extent, foods such as onions and garlic react in the body to produce bad breath. This is due to the chemical composition they contain.

As a remedy to this, better hygiene practices such as brushing their teeth with fluoridetoothpaste can help to stop the bad breath. Mothers should clean the tongue and gums of their babies using a gentle soft material recommended twice a day. Their tooth brush should be replaced after three months as old dull bristles are unable to remove the rotten food particles from their mouth. In conclusion, babies should be taken to the pediatrician to be checked for any persistence of foul smell as this can be a sign of infection.


5 Things to Know about the Spartan Race


Who can participate in the race?

The Spartan race is for just about anyone interested in some exciting yet extreme sports adventure. Be it that you are a fitness fanatic, an average Joe or are more on the bigger side; with the right training preparations you can successfully run the race. Note that the biggest challenge is usually to finish the race and therefore once you learn how to get through the various obstacles, you are set to participate. Depending on your fitness and the obstacles of the particular race, you can take less than an hour to up to 3 hours to finish the race.

What training is recommended?

As noted earlier, almost everyone can participate in a Spartan race and thus formal training is not necessary. But a bit of preparation is still essential in order to make your race a success. You start by polishing your burpee skills. This is because every time you fail at an obstacle you will be required to do 30 burpees. You will need to pull yourself up ropes and jump walls and pull-up and push-up exercises will come in handy. Other activities you could prepare on include kettlebell swings, sandbag carries and high intensity cardio trainings. You can look out for Spartan race programs to guide you in your preparation training.

How should you dress?

The less you have on, the better, especially if the race involves some water obstacles. A Spartan race often gets muddy and wet and so you need to wear something that still keeps you warm even when wet but does not hold you back. Avoid wearing fabrics such as cotton as they tend to get really heavy when wet and this could affect your performance. Consider lightweight synthetic fabrics and make sure you get a form-fitting size to avoid this. Consider spandex and compression shorts and avoid any clothing with pockets.

spartan2For the shoes, choose a pair that fits well and that which has a nice grip. They are also bound to get really dirty and soaked so choose a pair fit for the task, in addition be ready to have them get really dirty. You could also wear a suitable watch but leave your iPods and sunglasses at home as you will not really need them.

What obstacles should you expect?

At the beginning of the race you would probably start with jumping into Moats, jumping over walls, crawl under holes and you may possibly encounter the monkey bars too. Midway in the race you may find more walls to jump over, the cargo net cross, rope climbing, running down and up hills and other obstacles to challenge your strength and perseverance. For the homestretch you could expect tasks like carrying a load through a challenging terrain like a hill, stump walks, more climbing and crawls and walks through water and mud puddles.

What next after the race?

Most people focus so hard on preparations and the race itself that they forget that there are some important things you still need to do after the race. Always make sure you carry an extra set of clothes for changing after the race. You will of course suffer some pains and aches after the challenge, taking bananas or supplementing some Taurine will be of great help. At this point you can also attend to any injuries that you may have suffered. Lastly, be sure to stay hydrated before, during and after the race. Note that what you do immediately after the race ensure your well-being and counters any after-effects of the race.


Benefits of Dietary Supplements


Most dietary supplements are safe and a good number of them offer health benefits to the user. Dietary supplements are designed to augment your intake of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, on a daily basis. In addition, there are other substances that are counted as dietary supplements including herbal (botanical) products, essential fatty acids, amino acids, and oils. Others which fall under this category include probiotics, enzymes, as well as glandular and animal organ extracts.

Benefits of Supplements

If your diet is lacking enough nutrients or you are suffering from certain health conditions that may cause you to develop a deficiency or an insufficiency in certain nutrients, taking dietary supplements can provide you with additional nutrients. Sometimes it is also possible for people who are trying their best to eat a healthy diet to miss essential nutrients. This means that dietary supplements can be beneficial to almost anyones s diet.


Multivitamins contain many essential minerals and vitamins that you cannot obtain easily through diet alone. Their health benefits cannot be ignored. Calcium strengthens your bones; vitamin D helps boost your immune system, and vitamin B12 enhances energy production in your body.

However, some multivitamins contain synthetic nutrients, which are not easily absorbed by your body. It is therefore advisable for you to take all -natural multivitamins, which are derived from natural foods, to enable your body to easily absorb them.

Healthy fats

Fat is also an important nutrient that we should always supplement our diets with. Many people believe that fat is bad for them. However, this is not true because fat provides a number of benefits to our bodies including building cell membrane and performing key functions in the lungs, brain, and eyes. It also plays an essential role in cardiovascular health and in the maintenance of our hair and skin.

Supplementing our diets with healthy fats, such as polyunsaturated fat, monounsaturated fat, as well as omega 3 fatty acids can help improve the overall health of the heart.

If an omega 3 supplement is combined with exercise, it can help combat the problem of low HDL (good) cholesterol, as well as high triglycerides.

The best nutritional supplement for healthy fats is probably fish oil because of its high concentration of omega 3 fatty acids.


Protein is also another essential dietary supplement. It is one of the bodys key building blocks for bone, muscle, skin, and other tissues. Protein supplements come in the form of shakes or powders. Their main benefits include repairing muscles and helping the body recover from exercise. If the diet you are eating is low in protein-rich foods, including beans, poultry, fish, whole grains and nuts, it is important to consider adding a protein supplement.

If you have diminished kidney function, protein supplementation can be harmful to you.

It is always important to consult your doctor before adding any nutritional supplement to your diet.


Important Celebrity Diet Dos and Donts

celebritiesYou can remain pin thin or regain your flat tummy after your pregnancy with some celebrity diet tips we shall discuss below. You might have noted how celebrities go back quickly into shape after being out of shape for a short while. These celebrities claim to be eating right and doing exercise so as to return into their shape. You never know, it’s due to their diet tricks. Are these diet tricks applicable to us? Yes they are, but not all.

Lets get into the dos. To begin with, always take your breakfast. Its not only taking breakfast but eating it on time. Breakfast skippers are not successful in weight loss or remaining fit. This is because the body is put in a starving condition, which could lead to overeating in the next meals. Adopt a custom of taking a simple breakfast, rich in things like fiber and protein.

Secondly, whether you are involved in office work or outdoor activities,s advisable to carry with you a snack. Most snacks will give you an energy boost and leave you satiated. The snacks mostly contain carbohydrates and proteins. This drives you away from overeating due to energy deficiency.

Thirdly, try to spice your meals. Spices, like hot red pepper, are proven to give users a chance of burning more calories as well as eating less. Spicy food is much satisfying such that you will eat to your satisfaction. Chances of overeating are quite low.

Lastly, on the dos, try more of veggies and fruits. These two types of produce are useful in flushing and cleansing the digestive system. There are few chances of bloating due to high fiber consumption.

Lets now switch to the donts. We shall discuss only two of the main diet practices that you should avoid.

First, avoid organic products. Celebrities use these products but its not advisable. Organic foods are not harmful but they cant, in any way, be associated to weight loss. Investing in organic products will only be a waste of your resources and time.

The second thing to avoid is the use of diet pills. Their job is to reduce appetite so that you eat less. This causes starvation to your body. Starvation is dangerous. Celebrities use these pills under keen supervision of their diet specialist. Therefore, never use drugs like Adderall without doctors supervision because they may cause more problems to your health.

I hope those tips will be helpful if you try them. You can achieve that celebrity body figure you’ve been admiring through right exercise and the above celebrity diet tricks.


Health Facts about Garcinia Cambogia

garcinia cambogiaGarcinia cambogia is a wonder plant that helps people lose weight fast with no adverse side-effects experienced in the process, it naturally grows in Cambodia and takes the shape of a small pumpkin with the skin color varying from pale yellow to green.

The substance is also known by other names like brindleberry, assam fruit and Malabar tamarind. It is nowadays used as “The celebrity combo detox diet” ?with amazing success. Health benefits Garcinia gained popularity after being introduced by Dr. Oz as an exciting breakthrough product in the area of natural weight loss, though scientific evidence to these claims are still scanty those who have used it before often report positive outcome.

When taken as a pill it acts like a potent lipid buster, many people who had been struggling with their bodies before have used it and experienced healing within the shortest time possible. No wonder it has also gained attention from international personalities who have been quick to nickname it the celebrity combo detox diet. Many people who previously struggled with excess calories in their bodies now live happy, healthy lives after adopting a Cambogia diet plan.

Nevertheless, with so many people purporting to sell it today, it would be wise to buy your pills from authorized vendors who deal with original products. Otherwise, you may end up with a counterfeit that has no real value to your health. Provided the correct intake procedures are followed, this can be a safe and worthwhile detoxification substance that


Tips and Advice for How to Sell Clothes Online

Girl in CLoset

Learning how to sell clothes online is not difficult and this is becoming a very popular way for people to start a virtual retail business. The key is knowing how to turn a profit while still offering items at affordable prices. Quality is also critical because when a customer is happy with what you are selling they will buy again and they will recommend you to their friends.

Find a Reliable Wholesaler

The wholesaler you choose will greatly impact your ability to make profits and the quality of the clothes you are selling. Shop around and pay close attention to the small details, such as stitching, fabric quality and cost versus quality. Many reputable retailers will offer samples so that you can get a good idea of what they offer before committing to buy. After you find a wholesaler, start looking at various?web design services to help you create a site to market your items. This can be the most critical step in helping you reach your target customers.

Know Your Market

Before you can successfully sell clothes online you must determine who you are selling to. Right now, women’s fashions are the hottest things to sell, but there is also a lot of competition in this fashion niche. A lot of virtual retailers are lacking when it comes to adult men’s clothes so if you can corner this market with affordable and quality clothing items, there is a high chance for success with the right marketing and advertising strategies.

Stay Up-to-Date on the Trends

You must know what people are buying right now to offer the right items. People want what is popular and since this changes frequently in the clothing world, subscribing to a few popular fashion magazines and websites will help you keep current. In your online store, put the biggest trends front and center so that customers can see you offer the hottest trends.

When you are ready to sell clothes online, it is important to do some research and know what sells. Trends change frequently so keeping current on the fashion industry is a must. This can be a very profitable venture when it is done correctly and with great attention to detail.


Looking Great at Your Wedding… on a Budget

wedding4It is very important that you save money on your wedding but this is a problem that faces many people who want to have a beautiful event. Many people ask: How can I save money on wedding? You need not to worry because there are many ways you can use to help you save money. First of all you need to make a list of the most important things you will need in your wedding and share it with your fiance. Knowing your priorities will help you decide what to spend money on and what you can do without.

Another way to can save is by trimming your guest list which is very difficult to do but necessary if you think more guests will interfere with your budget. You can invite close friends and the relatives that you have close attachment with instead of everyone you are related to. You need not to bring everyone you know to your wedding.

You can also pull your familys and friends resources to help you cut cost and have a cheap wedding. Learn to ask for help from people you think are talented, for example a well spoken friends can be your master of ceremony instead of spending money to hire somebody. You can also ask your friends who have already done their wedding to give you advice on how they managed their wedding and how to cut cost.

It is also very important to stick to the schedule to avoid incurring extra costs. For example you will be charged more for a limo if your event runs past time and the musicians will also take advantage of this if they perform beyond the time stated in the contract. Finally, you can also save money on your wedding by having your ceremony and reception in the same location as this will help you avoid the extra transportation expenses.


3 Tips for First Time Waxers

waxing1Hair removal can be a hairy experience especially for those who have not done it before. Waxing is a great alternative to most other types of hair removal such as shaving, and more affordable than comparable remedies such as laser hair removal. Everyone knows that waxing is painful but there are some steps one can take to ensure that it is a much more comfortable experience and less painful too.

We shall be looking at 3 tips that first time waxers should know before waxing salon in Clapham Junction or elsewhere in the world.

3 Waxing Tips


Exfoliation is a great way to reduce the pain that comes with waxing. This is due to the fact that exfoliating the area one plans on waxing in Clapham Junction removes dead skin cells that clog the skin pores and cling to hair follicles. It also softens the hair, which results in making it easier and less painful to yank out hairs, which is essentially what waxing involves.

To reduce pain, one can take a pain killer about half an hour to an hour before the waxing. Numbing the skin using ice is not recommended as it results in the pores tightening, making it more painful to wax. To ensure that the pores are open, avoid using lotions, toners, gels, oils or astringents as they tighten the skin pores. One should also allow the hair to grow to about quarter an inch, which means you should let sufficient time pass before waxing.

Typically, you should not shave the hair for about 3 weeks as it makes the hair tougher and small hair is more painful to wax. Depending on one’s hair type and growth rate, this could take a shorter time for soft and fast growing hair or a longer time for slow growing, tough hair.

If seeking professional services when waxing in Clapham Junction, one should look for a clean, hygienic place employing experienced and qualified personnel.


Five Easy Tips for Arthritis Pain Relief

arthritisArthritis afflicts the elderly, but recent studies have revealed its increasing occurrence in young people. For the young and old alike, here are five easy tips for arthritis pain relief.

Engage in Light Exercise

Contrary to the popular belief that physical activity worsens arthritis, light exercise is essential for people with the disease. Exercise moves your joints and provides you more energy for the day. Short but regular exercise is highly recommended. Joints should be slowly stretched everyday up to the extent that they are not especially painful. Physical therapists or doctors can help in making a stretching program for your specific needs.


Take Medication

Visit the nearest pharmacy and look for medication to aid in arthritis pain relief. Occasional pain is treated with over-the-counter paracetamol (acetaminophen) or aspirin. Sometimes, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs are given to reduce inflammation and relieve persistent pain. However, always remember to consult the physician before planning to take these medications.


Use a cane

For elderly people who have trouble moving around because of the stiffness of their body and the sharp sting in their joints, the cane may help. This hypothetical 3rd leg can carry up to 20% of your total body weight. This means less weight and burden for your weak joints.


Eat a well-balanced diet

A well-balanced diet gives you the critical nutrients that you need in maintaining body weight and preventing obesity. Overweight individuals add pressure on their weight-bearing joints. Meanwhile, essential fatty acids such as Omega-3 found in seafood can relieve pain and stiffness. Always eat large portions of veggies and fruits. On the other hand, avoid meat, beans and other foods high in uric acid.


Avoid smoking and other vices

Smoking is always dangerous to the health, especially for arthritis patients. Cigarette smoke contains toxins which cause stress and lead to more joint problems. While on arthritis pain treatment, it is best to stop smoking and alcohol altogether.


Modern medicine has developed other physical treatments and strategies to deal with this disease. For more tips on arthritis pain relief, ask your doctor.